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A company car is a staple to this day. So that we can move freely to meetings with clients, we need a company car or private cars to be taken into account. One kilogram. Diets at home and abroad are required to compile expenses both for car fuel costs, and for its depreciation, maintenance and compulsory third party liability insurance.

This creates the possibility that the costs of using company cars even fall to 30%. That's a lot, that's a third of the cost for a car. lead the right way to do it, clear travel records and mileage, delegation program where we can store all the necessary data. With this program, we need to put in the newspapers, and we know how much we actually spent on cars, and also how much we should get back to you. In general, company cars can be accepted with the rate on several different terms.

mileage and VAT refund on fuel purchases are additional problems of technical research and insurance. This way, it can be done at a much lower cost for domestic and foreign delegations, as would be the case where we do not know how to settle. It should not be right to say that the use of a company car is expensive as it is both expensive fuel, and all operational matters. Therefore, you should look for all possible savings.

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