Bus rental

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The bus is the best way to travel in larger groups. Traveling by bus is economical as the cost of fuel and hiring a driver is covered by a large number of people. A standard bus can seat approx. 45 people, some are double-decker, so it can accommodate up to 90 people. You can rent Warsaw coaches at the company's headquarters or call a dedicated telephone number via the rental hotline.

In most cases, the rental should be made one week before the planned departure, and if it is an international trip, even two weeks or a month before departure. Warsaw bus rental is open all week, no doubt on holidays and public holidays. Therefore, there is no problem with ordering such a bus. Currently, all companies can find a bus with a driver, and payment depends on the number of kilometers traveled. Each company sets its own price list for Warsaw coaches, but the rental cost is not high, as it is spread over several dozen people, because it is not so good. In many cases, if departure is to be imminent, it is necessary to make an appointment with the company at least 2 or 3 days in advance so that it can plan its own operation and use the right driver for the job. We pay for renting a bus in advance, often at the company's headquarters, but sometimes by bank transfer, which makes the payment much easier.

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